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  • Self-taught artist, Ariles de Tizi, worked in advertising before becoming a full-time painter, drawer, photographer and sculptor. His work is deeply ingrained in the notion of exile. Born in Hussein Dey, Algeria, in 1984, Ariles fled to France at the beginning of the Algerian Civil War in the 1990’s. He grew up between Parisian suburbs and the popular neighborhood of Belleville, where he gained training as a street artist and a photographer. Inspired by the different cultures he grew up with, he explores the identity tensions in an urban and multicultural world by tops watches juxtaposing intimacy with collectivity, and politics with sacrality. In February 2013, he had his first personal exhibition at Lavignes gallery in Paris. Exhibitions 2013 - Galerie Lavignes - Paris, France. 2014 - FIAC - Paris, France. - Exposition Galerie Lazarew - Bruxelles, Belgique. 2015 - Institut du Monde Arabe - Paris, France. - Galerie Dabo - Bamako, Mali. 2016 - Galerie D.O.C. - Paris, France. - Sury - Bangkok, Thaïland. 2017 - Basilique St-Denis, France - Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, Paris- France. 2018 - Institut du Monde Arabe - Paris, France.
  • I am guessing that there is no universes closed to others. Regardless the idea we may have of separations, there is always the possibi- lity of a connexion : Paris and its suburbs, as well as Harlem and Manhattan, they are both permanently connected, sometimes with fluidity, sometimes with electricity. This communication is becoming communion as soon as we pay attention to what is linking us, beyond our social, economic, cultural or politic appur- tenances. I would like that together we all learn to find again the part of universality in our individual stories. I believe in the existence of universal myths, that are deeply anchored in our imaginaries. We are all collectively digging in them to exorcise our scares, to nourish our hopes. U.S.A as France are powered, each of them in their own way and not without any pain, through an identity quest. A quest that is questioning in- dividuals as well as the whole social group. A quest to which I would like to actively take part as an fake Rolex artist coming from exil, with hindsight and passion. MATER is thought as a play where mythologies are explored through images, paintings and songs, in order to drive the public into a whole experience. I aspire to bring back my fellows to our fondamental common base. To give birth to this imaginary, the City College of New York, as well as the Basilique of Saint-Denis, are providing suitable time-spaces to generate the dreams through which Humans access to their unconsciousness, united and stripped of their appurtenance rags : only stays their appurtenance to a polysemous Humanity.